Structure of the commission

The approved structure of the commission comprises two departments and three support units

  • The Education Service Department
  • The Finance and Administration Department
  • The Policy Analysis Unit, Information Science Unit and Procurement Unit
  • Internal Audit

Key functions of the Commission

The following functions of the Commission are spelt out in Section 8 of the Education Service Act, 2002

  1. To advise the President in performing his or her functions in relation to the Education Service as stipulated under Article 172 of the Constitution.
  2. To appoint persons to hold or act in any office in the Education Service, to confirm such appointments, to exercise disciplinary control over such persons and to remove them from office.
  3. To review the terms and conditions of service, standing orders, training and qualifications of public officers in the Education Service and matters connected with their management and welfare and make recommendations on them to Government.
  4. To report to Parliament annually on the performance of the Education Service Commission.
  5. To research, analyze, develop and formulate national standards of the Education Service in relation to:
    • Training and qualifications of persons in the education service;
    • Recruitment and appointment procedures
    • Terms and Conditions of the service;
    • Management and welfare of public officers in the education service;
    • Ethics and conduct
    • Disciplinary Control
  6. To tender advice to the Ministry responsible for Education in the process of formulating of education policy with respect to:
    • Training
    • Management of Public Officers in the Education Service
    • Research, analysis, grading and registration of all teachers in Uganda
  7. To establish and maintain a record of all Public Officers in the Education Service.
  8. To monitor, offer technical advice, support and training to the District Service Commissions in matters relating to the Education Service